3/16: Taste naked and experimental wines with 3 groovy winemakers
Minimus! Sebastian David! Manoir de la Tête Rouge!
6-8 PM no reservations

los angeles natural wine
We live in a rubber stamp sensorial world that is ever more dominated by a corporate agenda of sanitized uniformity, little boxes on the hillside, and the satisfaction of our desires with mechanically produced experiences that someone else decided we should desire. Tonight, we have three groovy winemakers in the shop who militate in their own ways against the iron cage of conformity. They’re pouring their wines and are hungry to tell you about what they do and how they do it. Chad Stock, the madman genius behind Oregon’s Minimus, will pour new releases, including his müller-thurgau pét-nat. Sebastian David will pour his protean Loire valley cabernet franc, made with zero sulfites, a wine that manages to be funky without being fucked up. And Guillaume Reynouard will pour his pineau d’aunis, a grape straight from the middle ages that is, somehow, capable of producing just the sort of wines we want to drink today—now wines that are with it, daddio.

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