Friday, 10/27
$12 / 6-8 pm / no reservations needed

Los Angeles natural wine organic biodynamic orange soif no sulfites
I do believe that our excessive heat in Los Angeles has muddled my already addled brain. It doesn’t take much for that to happen, as I have not much material, to begin with, but in general, I try to make do with what God gave me. I can no longer think right, and if you’ve visited the shop lately, I don’t talk too good, either. I’m managing to get by with emotive horn-honks and appreciative grunts (if you’re the kind gent who asked me about a Savigny-Les-Beaune yesterday, I apologize for my answer, which I suspect amounted to trained-seal like noises and a weird, flapping of the hands gesture). All I want to drink are the lightest of red wines, lighter-than-a-feather reds that even the slightest of breezes threatens to lift away, up up and away in my beautiful balloon, and my lips curl and I shout out in a parched, raspy voice, “no, come back to me, red wine!” And so, today we’re pouring four such light red wines, all candidates for chilling, all low-ish in alcohol, nothing too ripe-y ripe, just fresh stuff that you want to put in your mouth.

Antoine Llyut “Portezeuelo” Pipeño 2015 Chile
Domaine Les Foulards Rouges “Les Glaneurs” 2016 Côtes du Roussillon/France
Cyrille Sevin “Une Histoire de Rouge” Vin de France NV Pét-Nat of gamay + cabernet
Joubert Beaujolais Villages “Cuvee Jules Chauvet” 2015 France


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