Friday, 12/8
6-8 PM $12 no reservations needed

Los Angeles natural orange biodynamic organic wine
Tonight, stop by for a super casual fragilistic tasting of four Italian wines, all of which are light as a feather, some of which are naturally fizzy, some of which are not. First, two light and naturally fizzy wines, both dry, from Emilia. One is white and made from the local curiosity, ortrugo, a neutral, high-acid grape variety seemingly born to make fizzy wine; the other is a darkly pigmented red with a pleasant, amaro-like finish, made from a traditional blend of barbera and croatina. Then, two wines from Italy’s northwest. One is a schiava, a grape that is only capable of making light reds with little extract and tannin, perfect for rendering the sort of gluggy, food-friendly, low-alcohol reds that a lot of us are gravitating towards these days. The other is a marzemino, a red grape whose heyday was three hundred years ago, a pre-modern variety that, so far, continues to slumber and wait for its hipster revalorization.

Croci “Lubigo” Vino Frizzante Bianco NV
Croci Gutturnio DOC NV
Niklas Schiava Alto Adige 2016
Vallarom Marzemino Trentino 2015

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