Friday 4/14
6-8 PM no reservations needed

Ricardo Zanotto is an animated and engaged Italian winemaker, now making any number of different wines, some more straightforward, others more on the spectrum. He’s mostly a maker of dry sparkling wines, although none are named Prosecco, the traditional sparkling wine of his region—though he could if he wanted to, produce a wine labeled as such. Instead, he tows a different line and makes the sort of yeasty, rustic sparkling wines that existed before the industrial era. Tonight, we’re starting out with two of his wines, one is a wine made from glera, the primary grape that goes into all Prosecco, but here fermented as a dry, wine, texturally chalky, but entirely without bubbles; the other, a dry sparkling red, a little funky, is made primarily from marzemino. We’re finishing the tasting with a delicately peppery grignolino, a Piemontese grape seemingly born for making gluggy, everyday red wines that appreciate being served cool. And, if you dare, a fantastic by-the-glass wine from Laura di Collobiano, a meticulous farmer of beautifully crafted, non-douchey Tuscan wine, biodynamically grown and mostly sangiovese, that, hell, I guess I could call a Tuscan, but I just can’t, as that name typically implies a ripe, fruit-forward oak bomb wine, whereas this wine is lean, earthy.

Zanotto “Fermo” Vino da Tavola NV
Zanotto “Rosso col Fondo” Vino Rosso Frizzante NV
Francesco Rinaldi Grignolino d’Asti 2015
Friday fancy by-the-glass: Tenuta di Valgiano Colline Lucchesei 2013 ($98/btl, $8 2 oz.)

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