Friday, 8/25
$12 / 6-8 PM / no reservations

In the spring of 1907, the southern French town of Montpelier saw a succession of natural wine riots. These were riots instigated by agitated vigneron, furious about a flood of artificial “wines” made from distilled alcohol and who-knows-what-else, and cold-climate French wines, ordinarily thin and reedy but artificially plumped up, made so by unethical winemakers who added sugar on the down-low. In a market that was awash with dirt-cheap fake wines, the vigneron of the Languedoc stood by and watched while the value of their labor fell to near zero. The riots began small and then grew quite large and violent, with the June 9th riot reaching, perhaps, nearly a million people strong. The unregulated flow of fake wines was a disaster for a local economy utterly dependent upon grape growing and winemaking. By mid-June, the rioting had spread to Narbonne, where rioters freaked out and burned down a government building. The situation became so dangerous that Clemenceau sent in the army to quell the riot. This was a very bad idea, with soldiers shooting randomly into a mob of rioters, killing one man; the next day, more panicky shooting, and five more protesters dead.

Tonight, in honor of our natural wine brethren of days gone by, we present four natural wines from the south of France.

Henri Milan Brut Rosé 2015 $26
Henri Milan “Le Vallon” 2010 $24
Domaine Ribiera “Tintorela” Vin de France 2014 $20
Maxime Magnon “Campagnes” Corbières 2015 $47

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