Friday, August 4
6-8 PM / no reservations needed / $12

Los Angeles natural wine orange organic biodnyamic
Scar of the Sea pét-nat Santa Barbara 2016 (pre-release!) $29/btl
Scar of the Sea Newtown Pippin dry hard cider California 2015 $26/btl
Scar of the Sea Chardonnay Santa Barbara 2016 $29/btl
Scar of the Sea Pinot Noir Santa Barbara 2016 $29/btl

Join us tonight and taste wines and a dry cider from Santa Barbara with Scar of the Sea’s Mikey Giugni. We’re thrilled to be the first to taste the new vintage tonight of Mikey’s dry and leesy pét-nat, so new that he’ll label the wine in front of our very eyes. I first tasted Mikey’s chardonnay-based natural sparkling wine with some trepidation. We don’t sell a lot of varietally labeled chardonnay, and that’s a disgraceful reaction formation, albeit an understandable one. A lot of folks have long suffered from the California chardonnay formula: overripe fruit, lavished with lots of new oak, plus budder, so much budder that you can hear the plaque forming on your arterial walls.

But chardonnay is just a grape, unfairly pilloried by those who haven’t given it a chance. Chardonnay is an exceptionally transparent vehicle for terroir as well as winemaking intention. If you have a warm vineyard and pick your fruit late, chardonnay is perfectly happy to give you slutty, flabby, monolith wines. If you have a cool vineyard such as the Santa Cruz Mountains, or at least one in which the cooling breeze of the Pacific reaches out to caress the vines at night, and you pick grapes when they’re ripe but not excessively so, you get a more nervy, mineral, and nuanced wine. Wines that you’re happy to put in your mouth.

Tasting Mikey’s coastal-inflected pét-nat makes me a little melancholy, because I wish there were more chardonnays coming from California that dare to expose the nuances of this wonderful grape. We need to rebrand chardonnay and rename it to get folks to try it again—I suggest that we should now call it henrietta. Stop by tonight and try Mikey’s fizzy henrietta!

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