Friday, June 16 tasting
The natural + orange wines of Santa Caterina
6-8 PM $12 no reservations needed

Los Angeles natural wine organic biodynamic
Tonight, we’re pouring three natural wines from the Colli di Luni, an area which is, depending on how you see it, located at either the western edge of northern Tuscany or the eastern edge of Liguria. It’s a viticultural twilight zone where you can see both Tuscan and Ligurian sensibilities are at work; the Tuscan grape sangiovese drives the red wines, while the Ligurian vermentino grape drives the white wines. Grower Andrea Kihlgren inherited some vineyards and olive trees from his mother in the late 80s but without training or experience, was reluctant to take on the responsibilities of running an active farm. And yet he found himself drawn back to the farm where he spent summers as a kid, and soon began the task of replanting abused vines with the unique, autochthonous varieties of his region (e.g., albarola) some of which have become quite marginal, and began to work the land organically. The winemaking is minimalistic: native yeast fermentation in stainless steel vats, with some of the white wines getting several days of skin contact, such as the single vineyard “Poggi Alti” vermentino we’re tasting tonight. The reds are dominated by sangiovese and ciliegiolo, the latter being a minor blending grape that is, in small quantities, found in Chianti, but here used with abandon. These are rustic, soulful wines that are fun to drink, and pair well with the grilled food I know, with temperatures in the 90s, you’ll be eating this weekend.

Santa Caterina “Poggi Alti” Colli di Luni Vermentino 2012
Santa Caterina Liguria di Levante Rosso 2011
Santa Caterina “Fontenera” Liguria di Levante Rosso 2011

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