Friday, June 30
$12 between 6-8 PM no reservations

Tonight, we’re tasting a bevy of California wines, all organically or biodynamically farmed, all fermented with wild yeasts, and made without spoofilation. Spoofilation is a term that I first heard from the mouth of importer Joe Dressner. Joe meant a lot to me and shaped the contours of what I do today. I loved Joe. He didn’t make himself an easy person to know, and initially, I found him off-putting and scabrous at times – I know not a few colleagues who never could see past his kvetchy front room and discover for themselves that it was just a front room, not the back room where all the good stuff happened. To Joe, natural wine offered an opportunity to drink and enjoy wines that weren’t artificial confections, not Fordist replicas of some imaginary Platonic ideal type. Joe opened my eyes to wines without spoof, by which he meant wines that did not rely upon chemicals and techniques that make them into Potemkin villages. I don’t think Joe believed that a natural wine is a priori a good wine, but I do believe that he understood that low-key winemaking and sensitive farming creates the possibility for good wines that said something about where they came from. Tonight, we’re tasting four un-spoofilated wines, all from California.

AmByth Grenache Blanc “Amphora” Paso Robles 2015
Solminer “Delanda Vineyard” Blaufränkisch Santa Ynez 2014
Samsara “Zotovich Vineyard” Syrah Santa Rita Hills 2013
Model Farm “Sonoma Coast” Syrah 2014

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