Friday, September 22 / 6-8 PM / $12

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There’s a lot of exciting stuff happening today in Beaujolais. It’s the Now Place, where everyone wants to be. There are young growers there who’ve taken their family farms into new dimensions. There are also the kids of the gang of 4, the small group of Chauvet-following vigneron who began the natural wine revolution some thirty years ago. And then there are the established folks who continue to do what they do, farming beautifully and making fresh and soulful wines, that you can return to, again and again. I like Beaujolais a lot, and try to keep a good stock of it on hand in the shop.  There are always new and exciting wines that you need to put in your mouth, and tonight, we’re tasting three of the new Beaujolais wines that we stocked just this week. These are all 2016 wines; a challenging vintage for many and yet for some, as you will see, a very good one. We’re tasting a diaphanous basic Beaujolais, a Fleurie from young genius Yann Bertrand, and then a non-appellation wine (technically Régnié, but classified Vin de France) fermented in concrete egg and made with zero sulfites.

Yann Bertrand “Phenix” Fleurie 2016
Michel Guignier Beaujolais 2016
Julien Sunier “Wild Soul” Vin de France 2016

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