Saturday, 10/21
3-7 PM / no reservations needed

Los Angeles natural wine organic biodynamic cabernet franc
Today we’re pouring two tastings: one consisting of cabernet franc from the spiritual homeland of the grape, France’s Loire Valley; the other our last rosé tasting for the season (look at the forecast for this week and know why). I am quite a cabernet franc-o-phile, and at any given time you will find two or maybe fifteen selections of cabernet franc-based wines gracing the shelves of my shop. I prefer cabernet franc over cabernet sauvignon because to me it comes off as a less-refined, untamed, more rustic, less in-your-pie-hole drink than the grape that made Napa famous. Cabernet sauvignon is your polite aunt, lovely but predictable; cabernet franc is your aunt who you hear farting in the other room, and you never know what she is capable of—perhaps, anything. But, to find cabernet franc at it’s best, you need to look to the central part of France’s Loire Valley, because it is only there that an entire region has dedicated itself to obsessively elaborating this grape with nuance and sensitivity. We’re pouring a range of Loire cabernet franc, including one that’s seventeen years old (direct from the domaine), so you can see how gracefully cabernet franc can age. We’re also pouring two wines from two of the most profound growers working with this grape, Jacky Blot, and the recently retired master, Jo Pithon.

Loire cabernet franc tasting $15
Chateau Tour Grise Saumur 1999
Les Clos Lyzières Saumur Champigny 2014
Domaine de la Butte “Mi Pente” Bourgueil 2015
Pithon-Paillé Chinon “Dessus Narcay” Chinon 2015

Last of the season rosé tasting $15
Domaine de la Realtiere “Pastel” Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence Rosé 2016
Domaine Ilarria Irouleguy Rosé France 2015
Smith & Story Pinot Noir Rose Rhinegau Germany 2016
Two Shepherds Grenache Rosé Mendocino 2016

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