Saturday, 10/28
3-7 PM / no reservations needed

Los Angeles natural orange organic biodynamic wine Sherry
Today, we have an extra-special tasting with our friend and Spanish wine importer, Alex Russan. Alex first came to our attention when he darkened our doorstep a few years ago, peddling the Sherry he was beginning to import into the US. What struck us immediately about Alex was that here was a man who was singularly, nay, obsessively dedicated to unearthing superb, old, dry Sherry. The wine that blew us away was his “Los Abandonado,” from a solera dating to the 18th century, and then abandoned for over 40 years due to the shifting sands of ownership changes at the bodega. We’re pouring two different tastings today, one of lighter-bodied reds from the north of Spain, the other of his beloved dry Sherries, including the last bit of the Los Abandonado. Sherry is one of the wines for which sommeliers and annoying wine shop owners are forever waxing poetic, and reader, I am one of those. I know it’s a losing battle, foisting Sherry upon resistant customers, all of whom assume that it’s going to be a sweet drink best enjoyed in the company of grandma, and yet here I go again: all the Sherries we’re trying today are dry, with zero residual sugar, and illustrate how old Sherry remains one of the most underappreciated and reasonably priced super-complex, barrel-aged wines that you can get your hands on.

Spanish red tasting $12
Akilia “Clarete” 2016
Fento Rias Baixas 2014
Bodega Almaroja “Charlotte Allen” 2011

Dry Sherry tasting $12
Tosca Cerrada ’15 Palomino en Rama (unfortified, not technically Sherry)
Alexander Jules Amontillado “3/10” (18 yrs avg)
Alexander Jules Amontillado “Sin Prisa” (very old)
Alexander Jules “Los Abandonado” (very, very old, and untouched for 40 yrs)

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