Saturday, 3/18
3-7 PM no reservations needed

Los Angeles natural wine organic biodynamic rosé
Today, two tastings: one of French rosé from all over the color spectrum, the other of 2015 cru Beaujolais from some of the very best growers in the region. The accepted wisdom is that rosé should be a wan hue, a pale salmon, and anything else is simply dreadful dreck, best dismissed with a flick of your wrist. I do not know where this idea originates and it is surely misinformed—a sort of rosé racism that we must fight against every day, and fight we will with today’s rosé tasting. Our cru Beaujolais tasting features tremendously gifted growers who have done much to lift the wines of their region from the Doldrums of Meh, saving their patrimony from the deep blue ocean of insipid industrial wine that threatens to subsume us all.

Rosé tasting $12

Gitton “Les Romains” Sancerre rosé 2014
Château  Cremade “Cabri” Palette rosé 2015
Fabien Jouves “A Table!!!” Vin de France rosé NV

Cru Beaujolais tasting $14

Yvon Métras Fleurie 2015
JP Dubost Moulin a Vent 2015
Foillard “Cote du Py” Morgon 2015


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