Saturday 3/4 and Sunday 3/5 tastings

Los Angeles natural wine
SATURDAY: Cru Beaujolais + François Chidaine
SUNDAY: meet an AMAZING Swiss cidermaker & taste astonishing Swiss ciders

Today: taste Cru Beaujolais + the wines of François Chidaine
March 4 between 3-7 PM no reservations

Today, we’re pouring two tastings: one white, the other red—your choice, or get the royal treatment and try both! For the white tasting, we’re pouring gorgeous, dry, and mineral white wines, the work of the brilliant François Chidaine. Chidaine is a serious and soft-spoken man who is also one of the foremost practitioners of chenin blanc, exploring the varying response that this sensitive grape has with small differences in terroir. We have three wines from Chidaine today, including a dry natural sparkling wine that spends three years on the lees, and his incredibly complex Les Bournais, superb chenin grown on limestone and clay. For the red tasting, we’re pouring three different cru Beaujolais, which are wines from the northern part of the appellation that are grown primarily on granite (and granite + gamay = good!). To know me is to listen to me prattle on endlessly about good Beaujolais. Not the lousy industrial stuff, but the good stuff, made by human beings, organic farming, and wild yeasts. But why? Stop by and find out.

Beaujolais tasting $12
Antoine Sunier Régnié 2015
Perraud Moulin à Vent 2015
Chamonard Morgon 2014

François Chidaine tasting $12
Chidaine Vouvray Pétillant Brut NV
Chidaine “Les Choisille” Montlouis sur Loire 2015
Chidaine “Les Bournais” 2015

Sunday: Special hard cider tasting with Swiss cider maker Jacques Perritaz & the Trippy and profound Swiss hard ciders of Cidrerie du Vulcain
March 5, 3-6 PM no reservations required $12

We’re psyched to have Swiss cider maker Jacques Perritaz in the shop this Sunday for a special tasting of the far-out hard ciders of Cidrerie du Vulcain. Located not far from Fribourg, Jacques is a former biologist turned cider maker. Jacques is a disciple of French cider genius Eric Bordelet, but works in an idiom that is uniquely Swiss. He works with old, abandoned trees, old apple varieties, and old, traditional techniques. The trees are untreated, and the ciders ferment using only wild yeasts. You may have seen his psychedelic labels in the shop but never ventured to try one. Here’s your opportunity to taste five different ciders with the man responsible for their production.

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