Saturday, August 12
Taste natural wines with Critical Mass Selections
3-7 PM $12

Los Angeles natural wine organic biodynamic orange
Croci “Lubigo” Frizzante Emilia-Romagna 2014
Azienda Menicocci “Rhesan” Trebbiano Lazio 2016
Cantina dell Barone “Paóne” Campania Fiano 2015
Prana Rioja NV
Pereira “Tinto Bom” Vinho Verde 2010
Domaine de Gabelas St Chinian 2016

Today, we have our treasured friend, Ruby Martin of Critical Mass Selections, in the shop to pour a selection of natural wines from her import portfolio. We work extensively with Critical Mass, and try to stock whatever we can, when we can get our hands on them, as the wines move fast, both in New York and here in Los Angeles. Ross Bingham, one of the founders of New York’s pioneering Natural Wine Company, is the brainiac behind Critical Mass. Ross is an imposing fellow with the mien of a retired linebacker and a south Jersey accent so thick you can cut it with a knife, but don’t let his presentation-of-self fool you – inside lies a rapier wit and an unerring ability to locate oddball wines from hither, as well as yon. Ruby will be here to tell us all about the wines as well as provide illuminating stories behind the growers. Ruby selected a range of wines that are appropriate for a warm, summer Saturday such as today. We’re starting with a crisp, rustic, dry, and naturally fizzy white wine from Emilia-Romagna. If this wine does not refresh you, my condolences, you might be dead. We’ll continue with a mix of white and reds, to include a fiano from the volcanic region near Mt. Vesuvius, as well as a juicy, carbonic macerated Rioja. All wines are farmed without synthetic chemicals, and all are either made without or minimal sulfites.

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