Saturday, August 26
3-7 PM / $12 / no reservations needed

Los Angeles natural wine organic biodynamic pet-nat
Today, we have two different tastings, one of crisp natural sparkling wines (aka “pétillant-naturel”), the other of light, savory red wines. The pét-nat tasting consists of three dry, wild-yeast fermented sparkling wines made using the archaic pétillant-naturel technique, in which the winemaker simply bottles a wine before it completes fermentation (there’s more to it than that, and it is a bit of black magic, but this is the gist of it). They do this to capture the last bit of bubbles created by the yeasts as they finish off the residual grape sugars, a process that creates a lightly fizzy wine often clouded with the remnants of yeast. The red tasting consists of three light bodied reds, perfect for sitting on your arse as the enervating sun sets and you begin to contemplate assuaging the demands of your cake hole.

Pet-nat tasting $12

Scar of the Sea Pet-nat 2016
Conestabile della Staffa “Il Brosio” Umbria Rosato 2016
Le Rocher des Violettes “Pétillant Originel” 2014
Light & savory red tasting $12

Heger Pinot Noir Baden/Germany 2014
Tiago Teles “Gilda” Bairrada/Portugal 2015
Benoit Roseau “Syrah de Rosette” Collines Rhodaniennes/France 2014

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