Saturday, August 5
3-7 PM
no reservations needed

Los Angeles natural wine organic biodynamic orange pet-nat
Today we’re pouring two very different tastings. Your choice (or live a little and do both): a tasting of four rosé wines, or a tasting of light, summertime red wines. The rosés are all dry. One is sparkling, one is so delicate, pale, and fleeting you question whether it is even a wine or the ephemeral nectar of an 11th-dimensional demigod, and yet another is aged in terracotta amphora. The reds are all light-bodied wines that could if you felt inclined to do so, be served on the cool side. Two of the reds represent the archaic practice, once quite common but today not so much, of making complex field blend wines in which various red and white grapes are co-harvested and co-fermented to make the characteristic wines of their regions. Each contains no less than six grape varieties, and represent a once upon a time when a wine was simply known as Bourgogne rouge rather than as one containing pinot noir.

Rosé tasting $15

Hauts-Baigneux Pétillant Naturel Rosé Vin de France
Marquiliani Rosé Gris Corsica 2016
Francesco Cirelli Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo 2015
Minimus “I have brett, I am OK with That” Oregon 2016

Light-bodied red tasting $15

Francesco Rinaldi Grignolino d’Asti 2016
Fento Rias Baixas 2014
François Ecot “Insolent” Vin de France 2015
Luis Seabra “Xisto Ilimitado” Douro 2016

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