Saturday, June 10 tastings
3-7 PM no reservations needed

Los Angeles natural wine organic biodynamic Sicily
When you take the quick ferry trip with your car across the strait from Reggio Calabria to Sicily, which I do not necessarily recommend, and you arrive in Messina, prepare to be stunned. The winding way from the ferry through town, knotted with chaotic traffic and unmarked by the rational road markers that prevail on the mainland, abruptly force you to accept that you’re not in Europe any longer, but, not really in Africa, either. Separation by a short bit of sea from the mainland is enough to create a social isolation belied by the geographical propinquity, encapsulated perfectly by the sound of the Sicilian dialect—from a distance it resembles like Italian, but as you focus the cadences and are entirely different. And the wines exhibit the same funhouse mirror effect, too. Yes, you see cognates with the mainland e.g., the red grape nerello mascalese is also grown in Calabria, but under a different name, but somehow, when grown on the volcanic terroir of Mt Etna, nerello tastes so wonderfully off-center as to be sui generis. Conventional wisdom casts Sicily, not unfairly, as a source of chunky, good-value, red checked table cloth wines that meet a price criterion but don’t deliver much beyond that, and yet some of the most exciting wines coming from Italy today originate on this island. Today, we’re pouring Sicilian white wines that show the diversity of wine styles from an island that must be on your tasting map. We’re also pouring a tasting of anti-fruit bomb California red wines, that, like our Sicilian tasting, flout convention and demonstrate that we can make balanced, nervy wines in our state, even though we’ve been sold a bill of goods that tells us otherwise. We’re also offering, by-the-glass, of a beautifully balanced Napa cabernet, made by living legend Kathy Corison.

Sicilian white wine tasting $15
Marabino “Muscatedda” Moscato di Noto 2015 (dry muscat)
Guccione “C” Catarratto Sicilia 2014”
Ciro Biondi “Outis” Etna 2015 (mostly carricante, plus other native grapes)

Anti-fruit bomb California red wine tasting $15

Wind Gap “Soif” North Coast 2015 Old vine red (seven grape blend; good dollop of old vine valdiguié)
Harrington “Amarela” Lodi 2015 (Portuguese red grapes, e.g., trincadeira)
Irene El Dorado Red Wine 2016 (mourvèdre, syrah)

By-the-glass ($98/btl, $10 2 oz. pour): Corison Cabernet Napa Valley 2013

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