Saturday, June 17 tasting
3-7 PM no reservations needed

Los Angeles natural wine organic biodynamic
Today we’re offering two tastings, one of bone-dry trocken rieslings, possibly the most refreshing wines on earth, and another of red wines from the volcanic terroir of the Canary Islands.

Putting a good, cold, and dry riesling in your mouth on a hot summer day is like colliding with an iceberg. The first hit shakes you up, sometimes, especially in cool vintages, smacking you upside the head with an austere, demanding minerality that can verge on the precipice of whoa. Trocken, or dry rieslings, are acid head wines, often with total acidity exceeding 10 g/l (that’s a lot!) in classic, cool vintages. Why do you care about acidity? Think about why lemonade is so refreshing on a hot summer day – if you’ve been schlepping around in the heat, dry mouthed and ornery, it’s the acidity of the lemon juice that makes your mouth water and makes lemonade a refreshment. Unlike lemonade, trocken riesling has no added sugar, but it does contain loads of acidity: an adults-only acid trip that makes it more refreshing than any lemonade could be.  Today, we’re pouring three superb trocken rieslings from the great 2015 vintage.

We’re also pouring a tasting of earthy red wines from three different Canary Islands, and made from three different grape varieties. The Canaries were created by a volcanic eruption eleven million years ago. The volcanic soil provides a unique and challenging terroir for grape growing. Terroir + plus curious old grape varieties such as listán negro + great, unobtrusive winemaking. 

Dry riesling tasting $15

Schäfer-Fröhlich “Vulkangestein” Riesling trocken Nahe 2015
Emrich-Schönleber “Mineral” Riesling trocken Nahe 2015
Spreitzer “Rosengarten” Grosse Gewächs Riesling Rhinegau 2015

Canary Island red tasting $15

Ignios Orígenes Baboso Negro Tenerife 2013
Matías i Torres Negramoll La Palma 2013
Bermejos Listán Negro “Carbónica” Lanzarote

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