Saturday, March 11
Our first rosé tasting of the season + Chianti vigilante
3-7 $12 no reservations

Today, we are offering two tastings, one of dry rosé, the other of real Chianti.

We’re receiving our first new rosés of the season and given that it will be unseasonably (or if you are Scott Pruitt, seasonably) warm this weekend, I figured, what the hell, it’s time for our first rosé tasting of 2017. Really, the entire premise of today’s rosé tasting is absurd here in Los Angeles, as we regularly have warm days during which one might sit comfortably in the shade and profitably swill a dry, crisp rosé. But, if you dare to flaunt the standards of consensus reality you could show up today and taste. We will start with a crisp, dry, méthode traditionelle wine from the Jura, made in part with the magical ingredient poulsard, a grape that is only capable of making wines of the most ethereal sort, and is, in situ, known to ease the furrowed brow of woman and beast (e.g., French bulldogs) alike. We’re also tasting a biodynamically grown Austrian rosé grown on vineyards located in the mineral-rich soils of what was once an ancient seabed, and a tangy, startling low-alcohol (11.5%) grenache-based rosé from our friends Tracey and Jared Brandt.

Our red tasting is all Chianti. I feel bad for Chianti, or more accurately, bad for folks that have only tried the garbage industrial wines of the region, wines devoid of character and entirely drained of élan vital, as bland and featureless as a slice of American cheese and just as exciting. At most, Chianti has become a bit of a joke, something always conjoined to liver and fava beans. But, these poor, deprived souls don’t know what they’re missing when they eschew Chianti—but how to know, when too many of the wines of this historic region are so terribly dull they should come bundled with complementary Adderall so you can stay awake whilst attempting to drink them? Seek out the real stuff, made by traditionalists of the region, those bitter clingers to the old ways of capacious, old barrels of organic farming, wild yeast fermentation, and near-Luddite winemaking: that’s what we’re getting into on Saturday.

Rosé tasting $12

Domaine des Bodines Crémant du Jura extra brut rosé Jura/France NV
Umathum “Rosa” Burgenland/Austria 2016
Donkey & Goat “Isabel’s Cuvée” Gibson Ranch Mendocino/CA 2016

Real Chianti tasting $12

Paterna Chianti Colli Aretini DOCG 2015
Com’era Toscana 2014
Montesecondo Chianti Classico 2015

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