Saturday, May 27
3-7 pm

juhfark organic biodynamic natural wine los angeles
Today, two tastings, one white, the other red. The white flight includes a ribolla-centric blend from the masterful hands of Steven Matthiasson, a skin-contact grenache blanc from the Rhône valley, and a complex, oddball Hungarian white made from the fabled and rare juhfark grape. The red flight includes ooh, heaven is a place on earth 2014 cru Beaujolais, a grouchy old man red wine made from the grape perricone, and a cool climate syrah from coastal Mendocino.

White tasting $15

Matthiasson Napa Valley White Wine 2014
Clos de Trias Ventoux 2013
Fekete Bela Somlói Juhfark 2012

Red tasting $15

Clos du Fief Juliénas 2014
Drew “The Ornbaun” Syrah Mendocino Ridge 2015
Valdibella “Acamante” Perricone Sicilia 2014

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