Saturday, November 25 tasting
Jura: white, orange, and red
3-7 PM $15 no reservations required

Los Angeles natural wine orange organic biodynamic
The French use the adjective “digestible” to describe wines that are particularly agreeable—wines of which you can seemingly drink an ocean without ill-effect (though from my own in-depth participant observation research on the topic, I would say that this is not always the case). After gorging on a Thanksgiving feast, what better to drink than wines that are, at least in principle, highly digestible?

In English, this phrase lacks poetry, and you wouldn’t be irredeemable if, upon hearing it, visions of Metamucil or Maalox dance in your head. In practice, digestible wines are typically and delightfully light-bodied drinks with little extract and tannin, low-ish in alcohol, and in my neck of the woods, natural wines without liver-burdening crap added to them. The Jura is a small region in the East of France in which digestible wines prevail. Perhaps this is a function of such local culinary traditions as andouillette (if you have to ask…) and rich Comté cheese enjoyed any number of ways: rich foods that cry out for the lightest of refreshments. And so, in the Jura you find the local ploussard grape, which in most years makes red wines of such subtle delicacy, so light and digestible, that as you drink, you ponder, “what is this that I am I drinking, am I even drinking at all, and why am I here on Earth?” And then the bottle is empty, leaving you wanting another.

Valentin Morel Savagin Côtes du Jura 2014
Gérard Villet Arbois “Cuvée Orange” 2014
Valentin Morel Poulsard Côtes du Jura 2015
Domaine de Saint Pierre Poulsard Arbois 2016

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