Saturday, October 7

Los Angeles natural wine organic biodynamic
Gamay x 6! Taste 6 diverse expressions of gamay
$15 / 3-7 pm / no reservations / 10 percent off any wine tasted

I dig gamay-based wines very much, Beaujolais in particular, but I’m not Taliban about that and admit to digging the very different expression of gamay from France’s Loire Valley, but also the Ardèche. I am surprised, although I should not be, that there are a few who do not really dig gamay. To them, I say, fine, be that way, but know I’ll judge you a little differently from now on. It’s almost as if there’s a psychic dividing line between the gamay lover, a person who is prepared to let their hair down and open themselves up to how and where the evening may enfold, and those that can’t go there, and need to color inside the lines. If you are the latter, it’s OK, Booboo, we’re here for you, too. Today, we’re tasting six different gamay-based wines, and you can make up your own mind if gamay is for you. We have indeed some lovely, Loire gamay, one of which is a light, dry rosé, but also an exceptional and rare Brouilly, a cru Beaujolais from 117-year-old vines.

Sérol “Cabochard” Côte Roannaise 2016
Christian Venier “Le Clos des Carters” Vin de France 2015
La Grange aux Belles “La Niña” Vin de France 2015
Les Sablonnettes “Les Copines Aussi” Vin de France 2016
Michel Guignier Morgon 2016
Lapalu “Cuvée des Fous” Brouilly 2015

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