Saturday, September 2
3-7 PM

Los Angeles natural wine orange organic biodynamic
I have one word for you during these desperate dog days of summer: Gold Bond Medicated Powder. That’s four words, but nothing does a better job at combatting chafing than Gold Bond, believe me. I have some other words, too, but my heat-addled brain has deflated like a failed soufflé, and I cannot enumerate them: Loire Valley chenin blanc, and light-bodied French wines to serve as cold as you please. We’re pouring two tastings today. One tasting showcases different faces of the chenin blanc polyhedron, from lean and flinty to luscious yet dry-as-a-bone. The other tasting is of four red wines, all of which meet the Lou test of chillability: (a) low in tannin; (b) low in extract; (c) no or minimal use of new oak barrels; (d) low-ish in alcohol. You supply your own funnel.

Loire Valley chenin blanc tasting $15

Domaine Gigou “Cuvée Saint Jacques” Jasnières 2013
Thibaud Boudignon Anjou Blanc 2015
Bertin-Delatte “l’Echalier” Vin de France 2013
Stephane Cossais “Le Volagré” Montlouis-sur-Loire 2008

Light-bodied, cold French red wine tasting $15

Pithon-Paillé Bourgeuil 2014
Plageoles “Bro’cool!” Gaillac 2016
Domaine Gigou “Cuvée Gigou’t” Gamay 2012
Philippe Tessier Cheverny 2016

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