Saturday, September 9
3-7 PM

Los Angeles natural wine organic biodynamic
Today, I know you’ve been bad, so for you, a raunchy, brett-y, volatile acidity inflected blaufränkish to start our tasting. Then, quaff a beautifully made freisa, the rustic, country bumpkin toothless old coot of the nebbiolo family. To follow, an alpine-herbal, savory mondeuse from France’s Savoie, and finally, a surprisingly light and juicy red from the northwest of Portugal.

Gut Oggau “Atanasius” Rot Burgenland/Austria 2015
Azienda Agricola 499 Langhe Freisa/Italy 2014
Antoine Petitprez “Premier Vol” Mondeuse Savoie/France 2013
Tiago Teles “Gilda” Bairrada/Portugal 2015

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