Thursday 6/15
Forjas del Salnés tasting
Between 6-8 PM $15
no reservations needed

Los Angeles natural wine organic biodynamic
We just received a fresh crop of wines from two of the most riveting wine minds of Spain’s northwest, Raúl Pérez and Rodrigo Méndez. It’s a challenge to keep up with Mr. Pérez, an indefatigable presence with an encyclopedic knowledge of the fractured terroir of his region. In any given vintage, Pérez makes twenty or thirty different wines, many from micro-parcels of land planted with ancient vines and located on hillsides so steep that only someone as nuts as he is would bother to cultivate. The Forjas del Salnés wines tonight are a project with his friend Rodrigo Méndez, who is from a grape growing family with long roots in Rías Baixas—we’re tasting red wines from vines that were planted by Méndez’s grandfather and father. These are wines, both white and red, that are profoundly affected by the cooling effect of the Atlantic Ocean, and why in modern times Rías Baixas is known as white wine country, with conventional wisdom dictating that it’s just too cool there to properly ripen red grapes, although this was equally planted to red and white grape varieties. Méndez’s family was the first to replant the historic red grapes of Rías Baixas, loureiro, caiño, and espadiero, and we’ll taste three single-varietal wines made from these grapes, as well as a blend of the three made from younger vines.

Forjas del Salnes Leirana “Finca Genoveva” Albariño Rías Baixas 2015 /200-year-old vines
Forjas del Salnes “Goliardo a Telleria” 2013 Albariño Rías Baixas 2013
Forjas del Salnes Goliardo Loureiro Rías Baixas 2011
Forjas del Salnes Goliardo Caiño Rías Baixas 2011
Forjas del Salnes Goliardo Espadiero Rías Baixas 2011
Forjas del Salnes Goliardo “Bastion de la Luna” Rías Baixas 2011

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