Thursday 6/22 tasting
Loire Valley Lover
6-8 PM $12 no reservations needed


Tonight, taste wines from my vinous homeland, France’s Loire Valley. We stock a fair number of wines from the Loire, and I must be careful to not stock an overabundance of them, as they are everything to me (do I really need to stock thirty different dry chenin blanc wines from the Loire?). Why? Because there’s no other geography in which you find an entire cosmos of wines, ranging from bone dry salty Muscadet to rustic, raunchy red wines in warmer vintages, and lean, earthy, mineral reds in a lean one, and, most importantly, a small, but staunch group of vigneron dedicated to producing well-crafted, not terribly expensive, traditionally made wines. We’re pouring a tremendous dry chenin from the brilliant Patrick Baudouín, and then two reds: a light, graphite-inflected gamay from the Cote Roannaise, and a funky, full-bore côt (aka malbec) from the ripe 2015 vintage. Special by the glass: rare, ungrafted chenin blanc from biodynamic winegrower, François Chidaine.

Patrick Baudouín “Le Gâts” Anjou 2012
Domaine des Pothiers “Clos du Puy” Côte Roannaise 2015
Rocher des Violettes Côt Vielles Vignes 2015
By-the-glass: François Chidaine “Le Bournais” Franc de Pied 2015 ($103/btl $10 2 oz. pour)

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