Thursday, September 7 tasting
Bodegas Moraza!
6-8 PM / $12 / no reservations needed

Los Angeles natural wine organic biodynamic terroir rioja
Tonight, please join us for a special in-store tasting with two real live winegrowers whom we’ve imported all the way from Spain: Patricio Brongo and Janire Moraza. The Moraza family has long roots in Spain’s Rioja region and has been farming there for six generations (six generations ago, my people were farming, too, in-between exclaiming, “oh dear, torch-bearing Cossacks are at the door, again!”). Aging wine in new oak is terribly common today in Rioja, but the problem with this practice is that the resulting wines often end up tasting more of the barrel than the land from which they are borne. This may make a more familiar wine that pleases some imaginary international palate but also makes for a more boring and generic style of Rioja. The Morazas use little or no new barrels and believe that the voice of terroir in Rioja Alta speaks most eloquently when it is not choked by artifacts of élevage . They are committed to organic farming practices, native yeast fermentation, and vinification without additives. These are exciting, fresh style Riojas, and we have three wines to try tonight, each made mono-varietally from one of the three main Riojana grape varieties: a gluggy, tempranillo-based wine, fermented and aged in concrete; a perfumed wine made from graciano, a grape that was once considered the crown jewel of Rioja but today is mostly relegated to the role of blending partner; and a slightly more structured garnacha-based wine.

Bodega Moraza Tempranillo Rioja 2014 ($20)
Bodega Moraza “4 Caminos” Graciano Rioja 2015 ($25)
Bodega Moraza Garnacha Rioja 2014 ($25)

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