Today’s tasting
3-7 PM orange wines French natural wines unicorn wines weird wines

Today we’re offering two unique tastings: a tasting of Italian orange wines, and a tasting of red wines from the Brooklyn-based importer of French natural wine, Fi Fi. The orange wines register between 4 and 7 on the Funk-o-Meter, with wines from Sardinia, Liguria, and the volcanic soils of northern Campania. The red tasting is of French natural wines from Fi Fi, one of our favorite importers of French natural wine, some of which are quite scarce. The Fi Fi tasting ranges between 2 to 9 on the Funk-o-Meter. We’re starting with a lean, savory fer servadou wine from the southwest of France, and then on to a lovely and fresh Loire gamay, and finally, a scarce unicorn wine that is categorically challenged.

Italian orange wine tasting $15
Santa Caterina Vermentino 2012
Dettori Bianco Sardinia 2015
Cantina Giardino “T’ ara rà” Campania Greco 2015

French red natural wines from Fi Fi $15”
Nicolas Carmarans “Maximus” Averyon 2015
La Grange aux Belles “La Niña” Vin de France 2015
L’Anglore “Venskab” Vin de France 2015

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