Upcoming tastings!

FRI 3/3: Galicia exotica SAT 3/4: Cru Beaujolais + François Chidaine
SUN 3/5: meet an AMAZING Swiss cidermaker & taste his astonishing Swiss ciders

Tonight: heirloom grapes from Galicia + fancy Friday by-the-glass
Friday 3/3 between 6-8 PM no reservations $12

Spain’s northwest is a treasure chest of captivating heirloom wine grape varieties. Thirty years ago, Galician wine garnered little attention in Spain, much less the rest of the world. Biological disasters (oidium, a problematic fungus, and phylloxera, an invasive and vine-destroying louse) had long conspired against wine growers in the region, as did the political repression of the Franco era and the region’s tradition of ever-fragmenting small hold farming. The best vineyards there are planted on insanely steep hills, but because there was no economy for the wines, many vineyards went feral as the old farmers that once worked them retired and no one else wanted to work the land. Today, growers are reevaluating their armamentarium and have begun to valorize their autochthonous grape varieties, and so we are now witnessing a phoenix-like revival of winemaking in the region that is exciting to watch. Tonight, we’re pouring beautifully-crafted wines made from regional grapes: albariño, mencia, caiño, and doña blanca, all nurtured by growers who are insanely committed to the recovery of their viticultural patrimony.

Pedralonga Albariño Rias Baixas 2015
Laura Lorenzo Ribeira Sacra 2015
Moraima Caíño Rías Baixas 2014
Friday night fancy: Quinta da Muradella “Gorvia” Monterrei 2012 (doña blanca) $6/2oz taste

Saturday, March 4: two tastings!
Cru Beaujolais + the wines of Fran
çois Chidaine
3-7 PM no reservations

Beaujolais tasting $12

Antoine Sunier Régnié 2015
Perraud Moulin à Vent 2015
Chamonard Morgon 2014

François Chidaine tasting $12

Chidaine Vouvray Pétillant Brut NV
Chidaine “Les Choisille” Montlouis sur Loire 2015
Chidaine “Les Bournais” 2015

Special cider maker Sunday tasting 3/5: taste with Jacques Perritaz
Trippy and profound Swiss hard ciders of Cidrerie du Vulcain
3-6 PM no reservations required $12

Taste the far-out ciders of Cidrerie du Vulcain with cider maker Jacques Perritaz.

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